Free Skype Guitar lessons

Hi there, thank you for stopping by in my page.
I have recently started teaching guitar on Skype. I have been teaching guitar since year 1998. All these years it’s been face to face teaching. But I always wanted to teach via Skype! As that would allow me to travel more and that would make me not being tied up to a certain country.  ( The same goes for you! ) I offer first 30 min guitar lesson totally free of charge!

Book or ask any questions here – contact !

People who are wondering if I am right for them can just try me out first free of charge. You would have to tell me what you want to learn and what are you expecting from the lesson. Make sure your lighting is good before the lesson. Also check your microphone and Internet connection. I teach all styles and levels ( classical, blues, rock, funk, jazz, flamenco, african guitar, bossa nova, pop ) , music theory and  also more deeper understanding of jazz improvisation.

I am looking forward to meet you on the Skype! We will have to much fun!

Nora Bite –  guitar tutor, jazz guitarist and composer


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