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  Nora Bite is a guitarist and composer living in the city of London, United Kingdom.
  She started playing guitar in her native country Latvia and composed her first  song at the age of 8. Later in her teenage years she played various different styles such as Rock, Funk, Blues, Classical and Flamenco, and then later moved into the jazz field. At first she had piano lessons then later quite a few guitar teachers which involved a couple years of focused flamenco guitar lessons. And later she decided to get more serious about jazz. First gigs she was doing was solo guitar gigs at restaurants in Latvia. At the time Nora was playing a repertoire of  jazz arrangements of tunes for solo finger style guitar ( Joe Pass etc.) and flamenco pieces ( around year 2002) . Nora studied jazz guitar at Riga Dom Choire school in Riga, Latvia (2004), & has taken part in different International workshops in later years such as the Berklee Summer School hosted in Italy and Jerry Bergonzi’s world-renowned workshops held in Spain.
    Back in Latvia she was leading her own quartet and playing in many other projects, including big bands. She was also giving workshops in ”Madona Guitar sessions”, that happens every year in the Latvian town Madona . Nora was also involved in jazz management organizations, organizing international jazz events in Riga, Latvia.
  But then she moved to London to continue her musical journey.
 Nora has been playing jazz standards, (by such artists as: Charlie Parker, Wayne Shorter, Wes Montgomery, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk & many others), around London since 2010.
   She has played in most of the important jazz clubs in London, such as “Ronnie Scotts”, “Vortex”, “606”, “Charlie Wrights” and others together with various artists and as well as a leader of multiple jazz projects. One of the names she had the opportunity to share a stage with is Amy Winehouse.
    Nora has toured professionally around Latvia (until year 2010) as well as other countries such as USA (Boston), Egypt, Estonia, Lithuania, Portugal, Italy, Spain and Belgium with different bands and projects.
For 4 years ( 2013-2017) Nora was running a regular weekly jazz jam in Hoxton, London, in a cafe/bar called Troyganic where guitarist also played her compositions (contemporary/modern jazz) with Nora Bite trio ( guitar, double bass, drums).

A shorter version bio for Nora Bite trio

Nora Bite

Nora Bite was born in Latvia, and has been London based since 2010. She has played around London jazz clubs and UK festivals with different projects and her own trio.

Last year she traveled to Boston, USA to play her written music with local musicians from there. She has also been hosting a weekly jazz jam in Hoxton for 4 years.

Her written music is a mixture of modern jazz, standard jazz, improvised music and groovy bass lines, which incorporates melodic improvisation as well as improvised “togetherness” with the band.

Some of Nora’s compositional and improvisation influences are Avishai Cohen, Bill Frissel, Pat Metheny, Lage Lund, Gilad Hekselman, Gerald Clayton, Danilo Perez, Wayne Shorter, Ornette Coleman, Thelonius Monk and Sonny Rollins.

Nora Bite trio

Guitar led contemporary jazz trio

Nora Bite – guitar, composer

Tim Fairhall – double bass

Jamie Murray – drums

As these 3 musicians play they carefully listen to each other, playing off of each other’s ideas, and creating togetherness and band improvisations as well as some great solos from each of the musicians separately.

Bass player Tim Fairhall is well known and respected in both the improvised music scene and standard jazz. His bass playing is strong and inventive. Drummer Jamie Murray has a solid groove and swing yet he is open minded, playful and experimental.

Both musicians perfectly support Nora’s compositions and bring the music to the next level each time they play.

“We never know where it’s gonna go. All we know, it’s going to be fun”

“Nora’s guitar playing has an individual sound that is created with nail and finger technique rather than the more usual “plectrum technique”. She has got a nice tone and her phrasing is inventive and melodic.”