Guitar lessons in Hackney

Learn guitar with fun! Guitar lessons in London Hackney area.

Contact information:


With more than 18 years of guitar teaching experience Nora qualifies to be one of the best teachers in London East area. Currently it costs 30£ per hour to learn guitar at Noras studio in Hackney – E5 . It is possible to book  30 min or 45 min lessons as well. It is also possible to book block of 4 lessons for slightly cheaper price or buy lessons in Hackney as a gift for someone who have been interested in learning guitar.

Nora have many students who also picks up guitar in later years and only wants to play as a hobby. As well as students who are really serious about becoming better guitarists.

She welcomes beginner guitar students and is also happy to prepare for grade exams ( all styles – rock, classical ). If you are more experienced guitarist and have been playing for many years already, Nora specialises in more advanced jazz improvisation on guitar as well. Don’t hesitate to be in touch and ask more questions.

You can fill out the form stating what is your guitar playing level –


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