Just sharing some videos  –  Airegin,  instagram video compilation 2 , this includes playing together with a singer, composing, improvising over jazz changes such as Giant Steps and more.

Nora Bite is a jazz guitarist, educator and composer based in London. She has been a guitarist for 20+ years, and has been a part of 100+ bands and projects in Latvia, the UK, Portugal, Italy, Boston (USA), Spain, Belgium, Egypt, Spain, Lithuania and Estonia. Currently working as a guitar mentor at 3 months intensive online guitar school for intermediate and advanced players – Guitar Mastery Intensive ( Sonora) . She has been an active member of the London jazz community since 2010, running one of the best weekly jazz jams for 4 years, composing and playing modern jazz, working as a session musician as well as serving a global music community on instagram with 20k following . One of the many musicians she has had an opportunity to share a stage with was the great, late Amy Winehouse.

She has a knowledge of many musical styles – studying each of them for a while. Flamenco rhythms, Blues, Blues-rock, Funk, Soul, Groove, Pop, African and world music, modern jazz, standard jazz, avant-garde.. She is also occasionally being booked as a bass player.

Here is promotion video for Nora Bite trio. Featuring Tim Fairhall and Jamie Murray.

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