Here is instagram video compilation 2 , this includes playing together with a singer, composing, improvising over jazz changes such as Giant Steps and more.



Nora Bite is a jazz guitarist, educator and composer based in London. She has been a guitarist for 20+ years, and has been a part of 100+ bands and projects in Latvia, the UK, Portugal, Italy, Boston (USA), Spain, Belgium, Egypt, Spain, Lithuania and Estonia. She has been an active member of the London jazz community since 2010, running one of the best weekly jazz jams for 4 years, composing and playing modern jazz, working as a session musician as well as serving a global music community on instagram with 20k following . One of the many musicians she has had an opportunity to share a stage with was the great, late Amy Winehouse.

She has a knowledge of many musical styles – studying each of them for a while. Flamenco rhythms, Blues, Blues-rock, Funk, Soul, Groove, Pop, Rock, African and world music, modern jazz, standard jazz, avant-garde.. She is also occasionally being booked as a bass player.

Here is promotion video for Nora Bite trio. Featuring Tim Fairhall and Jamie Murray.




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