Lady Gaga rules! Music industry sucks

I discovered Lady Gaga just recently. I have heard about her before but I always ignored her name as I thought that she is just one of those pop stars. And pop world doesn’t appeal to me at all. So I just kept ignoring that name. But when I say that I discovered her I meant the realization that I dig her. I liked the way she walked on the stage, like she didn’t care. I liked her one person performances – only her and piano. But it wasn’t it. It was something in her vibe that I can’t explain.

This video just proved me right. Now I dig her even more.

“We are unconsciously communicating lies.”

So what did i do? I started to just say no. I’m not doing that.  I’m not taking that picture.  I’m not going to that event.  That’s not what I stand for.”

I really don’t like selling fragrances. I don’t like wasting my time shaking peoples hands, smiling, doing selfies. It feels shallow. I have a lot more to offer,

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