modern jazz guitar lesson

Quintuplet practice idea for modern jazz guitar or fusion guitar.

Jazz guitar Maj7 chord voicings

Major7 Chord Arpeggio Etude moving in minor 3rds but keeping the same guitar position.

Composing practice ideas for finger-style or hybrid picking advancing guitarist . Modern jazz and counterpoint.

autumn leaves jazz standards learning

Jazz Guitar Practice 8: Jazz lesson on how to approach learning jazz tunes and improvisation. 4 examples of A Section of Autumn Leaves for jazz guitar with tab and music notation.

melodic minor modes for guitar - creative ways to practice jazz guitar

Jazz Guitar Practice Idea 7 - Let's implement a pattern 136 into Melodic Minor mode 6 and find some nice modern jazz guitar voicings - triads.

jazz cat jazz guitar blog

This post will be about a rhythmical concept I have picked up many years ago when I first started checking out Jerry Bergonzi Books. Especially his book Rhythmic Concepts Vol4. UK amazon link USA Amazon link In a few words it's this. Pick any rhythm and use it on repeat while practicing scales on guitar [...]

5-8 polyrhythm for fingerstyle guitar

This Guitar Practice post includes polyrhythm 5:8 exercises and one less usual voicing to add to the mix of your major 7 chord vocabulary.

Jazz guitar practice ideas john coltrane satellite

This is Jazz Guitar Practice notes and Ideas 4 - in this one I included 2 lines/licks - one is John Coltrane Satellite - first line and other one is a repeated line accenting 3/4 over 4/4 .

lydian scale, scale patterns, jazz music, jazz guitar practice, modern jazz, jazz fusion, guitarist notes, practice ideas

Jazz practice ideas 1 - this includes lydian scale and melodic minor exercise ideas. Scale patterns for jazz guitarists as well as other instrumentalists ( sax, trumpet, piano, jazz voice etc.)