Jazz Guitar Practice Ideas 10

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This guitar lesson blog post includes practice of Maj7 chord voicings. I wrote a short etude for the purpose to practice various voicings of the same chord in the same place of the neck. I’ve chosen around fret 8th. Then I moved my chord choices similar in minor thirds ( on Coltrane state of mind I guess..). I started with Fmaj7, next being Abmaj7, next Bmaj7 and the last one of this circle is Dmaj7 and then it repeats. As you may know ( or maybe not) – these chord root notes are also diminished chord tones ( F – Ab – B – D ) . Keep going playing the same thing but starting from Gbmaj7, then starting from G. Also try to find voicings in other parts of the neck! If this sounds too out you can also move in 4ths. That will give you more voicings in your circle moving around with the circle of fifths being on your mind.

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Here is the tab and staff for this short etude!

Jazz guitar Maj7 chord voicings
jazz guitar vocing arpeggios
Maj7 chord arpeggios for jazz guitar

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