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Hi, just another reminder. There won't be any of Saturdays jams all December. So this one will be the last one of the year! Don't miss it! Link to the event is Here   And if you r reading few months or years later here you can check about current week. It's a facebook group. [...]

Jazz Jam on 14th of November - this Sat is happening! Nora Bite trio plays originals in the first set - Nora Bite - guitar, host, composer Marco Quarantotto - drums Ashley De Neef - double bass It starts 9:30pm. Jazz jam starts after the first set. To find out more about that ( this) [...]

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The jazz jam at Troyganic have been happening for 2,5years now. Do check Facebook group for updates. As it's not happening every week these days. Here is the jazz jam group - jazz jam group - info

I discovered Lady Gaga just recently. I have heard about her before but I always ignored her name as I thought that she is just one of those pop stars. And pop world doesn't appeal to me at all. So I just kept ignoring that name. But when I say that I discovered her I meant the realization that [...]

Hey folks! Just wanted to inform you! Chick Corea broadcasts quite regular on periscope! This is best to be seen on iphone or newest android phones though. Check the link! Chick Corea live on periscope Btw -  do come to my contact page if interested in a free 30min jazz guitar lesson on skype ( [...]

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Jazz jam at Troyganic haven't been happening for 3 Saturdays! And this one is the only one this month! So don't miss it folks! Nora Bite trio Nora Bite - composer, guitarist, host Ashley de Neef - double bassist Marco Quarantotto - drummer My trio will play original contemporary jazz written by me from 9:30pm. [...]


Tips for those who wants to move to the new country. Even more for musicians. And my experience.


Hi there! Just sharing this wonderful article! All the jazz musicians already knows this! "When jazz musicians let their creativity flow and start to improvise melodies, they use parts of their brains typically associated with spoken language — specifically, regions that help people interpret syntax or the structure of sentences, according to a new study." [...]