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Hi. This lick includes 3 licks in itself. All licks can be played over C major 7 chord. I play around C69 chord, arpeggio , bebopy lick and chordy stuff. First bit - arpeggio that is C69 , where I skip few notes to make it sound a bit more different to my ears, then [...]

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The jazz jam at Troyganic have been happening for 2,5years now. Do check Facebook group for updates. As it's not happening every week these days. Here is the jazz jam group - jazz jam group - info

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Jazz jam at Troyganic haven't been happening for 3 Saturdays! And this one is the only one this month! So don't miss it folks! Nora Bite trio Nora Bite - composer, guitarist, host Ashley de Neef - double bassist Marco Quarantotto - drummer My trio will play original contemporary jazz written by me from 9:30pm. [...]


Hi there! Just sharing this wonderful article! All the jazz musicians already knows this! "When jazz musicians let their creativity flow and start to improvise melodies, they use parts of their brains typically associated with spoken language — specifically, regions that help people interpret syntax or the structure of sentences, according to a new study." [...]

Did you recently discovered jazz? And you are wondering what records should you check? Here I am sharing my favorite jazz artists and records.

There is this thing about social media. Good for business, good for wasting your time LOL and also good for memories! I am checking old Latvian social media platform - draugiem.lv, It is only for Latvians, and it is similar like Facebook. I have posted quite a few pictures during 10 years! So right now I [...]

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Info about local chart and jazz jam. Plus booking info.

It is much more valuable to be surrounded by people who likes you for who you are not for what you are pretending to be. I am just saying.