Memory lane – Huge whiskey bottle to drink on stage. Latvia, Italy, Egypt 2008

There is this thing about social media. Good for business, good for wasting your time LOL and also good for memories!

I am checking old Latvian social media platform –, It is only for Latvians, and it is similar like Facebook. I have posted quite a few pictures during 10 years!

So right now I sinking in the memory lane 🙂

In year 2008 I did many fun things! Went to Berklee summer camp in Italy to learn more of jazz guitar, that was also part of Umbria jazz festival where I saw Sonny Rollins for the first time live! That was the most important thing that year to me! I also played guitar in crazy fun girl band! I went on the trip to Egypt to play jazz in Latvian Beauty competition. I was also running the jazz venue in Riga, Latvia. I had my jazz quartet and I started to play my compositions. And I spend all December that year to play in Cabaree show every night. We where 3 people acting like we where buskers as a part of the show. We played funny songs like “Masturbating Jimmy” and “Alcohol”. We had a huge whiskey bottle on the stage full of whiskey. And during the gig we would drink whiskey and smoke cigarets! As it was part of the show! Fun times! The Cabaree show and crazy girl band both happened together with my crazy and fun friend – singer Red Indra 😉

BLAst from the past

And then next year I almost moved to live Brussels… In fact I had all my stuff packed up and I actually lived there for few months. Sorry, but quite a boring city.

Today I even checked out old embarrassing music videos from the past… Don’t do this often as I usually live in the moment or dream and work for the future, but fun to go down the memory lane time to time 🙂

Till next time readers! Have a good day and week !!

Nora Bite , guitarist, guitar tutor, jazz in London and more.