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female jazz guitarist - londoner coming from latvia - nora bite. interview about jazz, london, latvia and more

What makes someone move from Latvia to London? Listen to how Nora Bite found her place in London, her experience as a female musician and how Aikido relates to music, exclusively here Backstage Spotlight! iTunes - Soundcloud - Stitcher - TuneIn -

nora bite live jazz london - guitar - composer , 2016 March 18th Friday

Info about jazz concert this Friday. Nora Bite trio at Balzambar.

Jazz guitar licks 7 and 8. By Nora Bite. Jazz guitarist London. Jazz guitar lessons online. Guitar licks UK.

Jazz guitar licks - London jazz guitarist - Uk jazz guitar lessons - guitar lessons online - get guitar lessons online

jazz guitar lick 6 nora bite

Jazz guitar lick 6 - nora bite ( lick from jerry bergonzi)

Troyganic jazz jam with Nora Bite trio

Jam is back every Saturday. Troyganic jazz jam with Nora Bite trio this Saturday - 16th Jan 2016. Trio Nora Bite - guitar ( composer and host) Dario Congedo - drums Jose Canha - double bass First set - originals by Nora. Start 9:30pm Follow updates about jam here. Address - 132 Kingsland road ( [...]

why entrepreneur is similar to jazz musician - music business

Jazz musicians tend to dislike rich people ( entrepreneurs) or people who are driven by the power of money. I find similarities and differences between jazz musicians and entrepreneurs. I tell my story and point out some of the good examples in the entrepreneurs world.

Nora Bite, Laurie Lowe, Ashley de Neef - London jazz jam

London jazz - Troyganic jazz jam - Nora Bite, Laurie Lowe, Ashley de Neef

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