Guitar lick 5 – 7/4 time

Just a short one here. Maybe this is more “idea” than a lick. But this is part of Guitar lick series from me. Here I play guitar licks that I have either transcribed, checked out in some books or just made up. To be honest, I don’t remember these licks for too long. Mostly these are just for practice ideas. I forget them after few weeks ( or even days). Maybe that is why it’s kinda of a good thing that I have started to document these licks or ideas… When I improvise I don’t use any prepared licks. I am sure influences comes out but it happens more unconsciously. This particular lick is justĀ  my strange one. Probably can’t be called a jazz lick. So lets call it “practice idea”. G7 chord arpeggio over 7/4 time.

Will update the chart soon here too! ( Did with previous guitar lick btw! )

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