Guitar licks – Day 2 and Day 3

Hi there, I will give you 2 jazz guitar licks today. One for yesterday and one for today. First one – Day 2 is just a chromatic practice lick. And the second one “Day 3 lick” is lick over 10 first bars of the tune “All the things you are”. Why 10? Because it is 5/4 over 4/4 pattern. I repeat the pattern twice over the notes that are in chords. I use arpegios, scales ( dorian, jonian, mixolydian ) and few chromatic not88m4esĀ  that leads to the chord note. Enjoy these jazz guitar licks!

Day 2 – Chromatic practice lick

daily lick 2 chromatic ( first bit)

Day 3 – All the things you are 5/4 over 4/4 – first 10 bars – polyrhythmic lick


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jazz guitar lick over all the things you are – rhythm replacement