New York visit – 1 (Boston, 1st time NYC)

New York…

Every jazz musicians dream. To visit it… to live there…

I feel like I am different person now. I have seen it. I have experienced New York. Seen in movies, dreamed about visiting for maybe 20 years or so… And finally did it…

All started when I said ” Yes , fuck it! Let’s do it! Even though there is a risk of going overdraft.. lol ”

It started with someone I met at Troyganic. Andras from Boston, he liked my music and he said that he is up for organizing me few gigs in Boston. ( For me, any reason is good enough for me to finally cross the ocean and visit dreamland NYC .. because Boston is just 4 hours bus ride away)

So while keeping in touch with Andras, one time he said, he will move to uk soon… So for me, I prob should use the chance while he is still in USA.. And then I said yes! He organized few gigs for me together with some local berklee guys and it happened. In few months, I was in the plane!

When I arrived in Boston, first thing I experienced was traffic! LOL People on bus seemed to be very talkative. Same as most americans, as experienced later as well. People talk to strangers more freely in states than in UK.

I met some nice peeps in Boston, played some nice music… Even had a chance to check Danilo Perez plus Chris Potter and Avishai Cohen ( trumpet) as part of band ( included trombone, percussion, vocal, drums and bass as well ). It was life rehearsal thing in Berklee premises. That was quiet cool to see. How they just try stuff out and come up with ideas etc…

New york - traveler blog - nyc photography
New york – traveler blog – nyc photography

But as soon as I could I just decided to go to NYC. Even earlier than planned. Just because, if I crossed the ocean, I need to get where I wanted to get! NYC was the reason!  For everything!

First time in NYC

I think I was kinda screaming inside… I was actually chatting with few friends in facebook ( Benet in London and Ineta in Norway). I was expressing my excitement ! I just couldnt believe I was finally there! As bus was crossing some Harlem streets…

So excited that just wanted to breath it in instead of heading to hotel… Hang in time square a bit… I was also talking on the facetime with Laurie who was touring in France ( and later in Japan).

One little thing that annoyed me already in Boston was americans not including the taxes in prices… Never knew how much i need to pay…End up having my first meal in NYC in little buffet thing… In London usually you pay for box… And get as much as you want.. And I thought it is the same system in states. But it wasnt ! LOL Travelers surprises.. It was per weight ! Ahh! I think I payed 30 dollars for that meal.. even though I thought it will be around 10 .. As the price said that….. ( price was per 1 weight measurement, i forgot witch one LOL )

Then I took Uber to hotel that was something 102nd street and broadway.. First few 5 days stayed there. Nice place. I think called “Marrakesh” or something. Wasnt too bad.. 🙂

Next one was THE WORSE though !!!!

Coming up next…

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( my trip was 28th Sept until 15th Oct 2016)