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Nora Bite and her latest guitar inspirations and videos. 2 drummer and guitar project. Gig with Joey blake and more. London live music 2018 November 21

I know there is no such word "humanbeingship". I invented it. LOL ... Language is all invented anyways. This blog is about some thoughts of mine and lessons I have learned recently. And I wanted to share them. Feel free to scroll through of course to find more of the things that might apply or [...]

Musicians moving to another country and London music scene

In part 3 of this series I will feature Nate Holder who is actually from London but lived in Germany for 3 years. Nate is not only a musician but also a podcast host ( that I had the pleasure to be a guest in. If you're interested it can be checked here.) and he is [...]

Musicians moving to another country and London music scene

    This is Part 2 of the Blog series about Musicians in London. This blog series focuses on mainly on jazz musicians who were not born here. Some of them have left London and the UK already. And some of them still live in the UK and have no intention of leaving. Musicians featured [...]

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What makes someone move from Latvia to London? Listen to how Nora Bite found her place in London, her experience as a female musician and how Aikido relates to music, exclusively here Backstage Spotlight! iTunes - http://apple.co/2rTBJPN Soundcloud - http://bit.ly/2rcSMKL Stitcher - http://bit.ly/2rYCKYI TuneIn - http://bit.ly/2r4NTIe

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  In my previous blog I was talking about my excitement when visited New York for the first time. But why did I wanted to visit NYC in the first place? Yes, there are movies ... There is "Sex And The City " ( haha, already got the feeling you are judging me! ) ... But [...]

New york - traveler blog - nyc photography

Jazz musicians travel blog , first time in NYC. New York experience. First days.

Fracture would have hurt psychologically more if I was more attached to my ego. Meaning - being a guitarist isn't "who I am". It is just "what I do". First of all, sometimes when I think about myself I don't think "guitar" as the first thing. Even if most of the people who knows me [...]

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Travel around South England - Durdle door, Corfe castle, Bournemouth balloon - pictures, photography