Etude 8 – Modern jazz guitar

Etude 8 for modern jazz guitar finger-style and chord melody playing is inspired by one of the latest Adam Neely’s youtube videos. Chords are partially taken from level 3 jazz harmony, however, it was made into chord melody for guitar etude , I added some melody as well as guitar voicings of course. ( It’s just inspired by this episode, not taken exactly, I also added some triplets to it…. well , if you will listen to it many times you might start to hear that pop melody Adam was using…. ).

I play little with easy time replacement here too. In a way replacing 4/4 with 6/4 by adding triplet feel. Harmony is interesting too ( in my humble opinion.. )


Here is first 2 bars of this etude chart.

Jazz guitar etudes for fingerstyle and chord melody- musical notation chart and tabs as well as guitar pro files are available


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