Instagram video compilation 2

Hi, it’s guitarist and composer Nora Bite ( jazz and other styles..). I am publishing 2nd Instagram video compilation. You will find some Giant steps improvisation, Giant steps comping, Nora Bite trio improvisation, me practicing over 11/8 time signature and loop pedal, 1 videos of African guitar lines from Lionel Loueke app, More improv videos, composing videos, one etude is included as well, flamenco guitar, some videos filmed in Spain, as well as one short video from gig with Dana Elle.

I have been quite active on instagram for quite a while now, but never been as active on Youtube. So recently I have decided to change that and post some guitar playing videos, lessons, composing and of course, featuring some of my instagram videos picked from many years of posting. Apologies for some of the quality on the videos. Some are better than the other. But you can see my journey of jazz guitar learning as well as composing and learning other styles and collaborating with more musicians and singers.