“I can’t wait to drink the tea on the plane!” – I said. Soon.

Hi there, Nora Bite here. Guitarist , guitar tutor and maybe traveler. I hope I can call myself traveler. Wish I would do this activity more.

Next stop – Latvia. Yes, I will visit my birth country again this year. Tomorrow. But won’t stick around in the capital Riga for too long, will head down to country side. To chill out in small town Lielvarde where our family have a house with garden. Only for 4 days, enough to chill out, turn off the mind a bit, and maybe get more inspiration to compose new music and play. Nature inspires me. I am sure my mind wont stop though. Since I am studying entrepreneurs  stuff these days, my mind never stops and if I don’t have Internet access, I don’t feel like myself. No, not because of addiction. Just because of the fact that most of my business activities happens Online. And me not being able to do the next task that appears in my brain might make me sad. But only the pleasant tasks! It’s holiday after all!

I am having a break from my guitar teaching as well off course. I had 2 new students during these 2 days. One of them is advanced jazz student. That is always fun and inspiring to teach! He had researched me before he came to learn. And he liked the first lesson! We learned comping for “All the things you are”. I have kids and adult beginners as well. No worries, I always find the fun in teaching anyway. Even when it’s beginners stuff. Music is music! 

But I can’t wait to drink tea on the plane! That is what I said. As funny as that sounded when I did. There is this moment when stewardess comes to ask if you want anything to drink. I just can’t wait for that moment!

Bye Bye London! But I will be back in 4 days!

Back to guitar teaching, back to gigging, back to practicing, back to all my entrepreneur activities and back to busy mind. (My busy mind won’t stop probably wherever I am! But I can always tell myself to chill! )

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Nora Bite