So you want to be a session guitarist?

Just found this article online and wanted to share! (But one thing I didn’t dig on the page – not article! Guess what it was? LOL )

However , good points there and good tips!

Don’t want to comment on this too much, as I never considered myself as a session musician. Even though I do session work here and there it was never my main aim to do so. However I recently like to research different aspects of music, business and music business. Just to learn new things and who knows, maybe one day I will prefer to play at home and record tracks for others rather than travel around London (UK or world) to bring music to people. People who lives in London knows that traveling around the city can often be pain in the ass. Whatever you are using-car, public transport or bike (bike is actually the best really!) Maybe you would consider this kind of session work?

“And while we are on the subject: Do you truly enjoy most forms of music? Ask yourself this question, and be honest. Do I understand the fine points of playing country, blues, polkas, jazz, big band, pseudo-metal and anything else?”

“Here are two places to probably avoid as potential clients. Guitarists and recording studios. Why? Another guitarist does not need you, and work is so hard to come by they will not pass it off to you unless you are a very close friend.”

More in the article.