When musician fractures arm…Tips and tricks

Fracture would have hurt psychologically more if I was more attached to my ego. Meaning – being a guitarist isn’t “who I am”. It is just “what I do”.

First of all, sometimes when I think about myself I don’t think “guitar” as the first thing. Even if most of the people who knows me thinks that possibly first. I am NOT what I do. Many things excites me, it not just jazz. Even though jazz have been here with me on my mind and in my fingers for some while.

However, I also enjoy traveling, cycling, entrepreneurship, sometimes writing, designing at some points in life, I even was into crocheting in the beginning of my entrepreneurship learning experience.

So when I broke my arm, I wasn’t just worried about the fact that I won’t be able to play guitar for a little while. Actually I was more worried about my business that involves work with hands as well. And what I was missing the most ( because jazz I was able to listen, and could live without playing for a little) was cycling! Yes! Call me crazy! Because I fractured my arm by falling of the bicycle! But I couldn’t wait to get back on bike again! To be more exact – it was mountain bicycle in Greece. I fall in front of the bicycle because of silly bump on the road. I wasn’t cycling that fast and main reasons of fall was ‘mountain bicycle” and Bad road! Of course – also the fact that I didn’t see the stupid hole on the road!

What helped me get back on the track.

Well, I love researching things, I am curious. And I had motivation to research things, I wanted to get my arms back to normal as fast as I can. So I googled and googled, asked million questions to each of the doctors I met, also to friends and accountances..  I was obviously asking way more questions than any other doctors patients haha! I  am sure some of them wanted to get rid of me already!

What I learned that I need to do….

  •  I need to eat a lot of calcium and protein
  • Homeopathy medicine ! ( arnica for example )
  • Exercise my arm once as much as I can after cast was off
  • I bought Osteocare Vitabiotics with all the possible vitamins that helps bones to grow ( if you live in states or in other countries maybe it’s another products, but just research what vitamins your body needs the most)
  • I learned that bone growth eats calories, so I was hoping to loose weight ! haha! Didnt really happen, I think I eat a bit more because I wanted to get protein and vitamins in my body more…
  • Healthy nutritious diet… – well this should be for every day life obviously ! But even more so for bones to grow faster!

I also learned that bones just grows on their own. And after 4-5 weeks I was ready to play my regular gig again. After 2 months I still can’t fully touch my shoulder, but it is just because I am a  bit lazy to do my daily exercises . And who needs touching shoulders anyway? 😀

And if you love some rebel vibe while recovering here is some fun rebel quote on t-shirts , mugs and other products.