nora bite interview - dale harris

Interview with Nora Bite - jazz guitarist based in London , interviewer - Dale Harris.

London jazz guitarist Nora Bite plays John Coltrane tune Giant steps . This is improvised fingerstyle chord melody as well as ad lib rubato version. Not the usual giant steps. Check new video on youtube. Also Merry Christmas ya'll!   check also more videos

Jazz guitarist Nora Bite sharing compilation of videos from instagram. Some african guitar, flamenco and jazz guitar improvisations.

Book london session guitarist for private party, jazz club, event, your band , record session .

nora bite trio - modern jazz guitar led london jazz trio. for private events, festivals, jazz clubes

modern jazz guitar Nora Bite - instagram compilation 1

Instagram video compliation by female jazz guitarist Nora Bite ( based in London). Jazz improvisation, modern jazz, odd time, licks, etudes and more.

female jazz guitarist in London UK - Nora Bite

Nora Bite and her latest guitar inspirations and videos. 2 drummer and guitar project. Gig with Joey blake and more. London live music 2018 November 21

Musicians moving to another country and London music scene

In part 3 of this series I will feature Nate Holder who is actually from London but lived in Germany for 3 years. Nate is not only a musician but also a podcast host ( that I had the pleasure to be a guest in. If you're interested it can be checked here.) and he is [...]

Musicians moving to another country and London music scene

    This is Part 2 of the Blog series about Musicians in London. This blog series focuses on mainly on jazz musicians who were not born here. Some of them have left London and the UK already. And some of them still live in the UK and have no intention of leaving. Musicians featured [...]