Etude 6

This is etude 6 from Nora Bite modern jazz guitar chord melody exercises – sheets and guitar pro files. In this etude I focus on some altered chords. Adding melody to some out sounds.. I play it as jazz guitar finger-style piece, changing tempos according to how well you know it played in time along with guitar pro file as well play around with it asĀ ad libitum sound with some stops added. It’s a good advanced guitar practice in both ways, however, the best is to first learn how to play this jazz guitar etude ( or any etude or piece) in time, before you play around with it.

Here is the etudes musical notation and tabs with watermark, download and purchase guitar pro file, midi sound mp3 and a nice pdf file HERE.

etude 6 nora bite. chord melody modern jazz guitar chord voicings
etude 6 nora bite. chord melody -modern jazz guitar chord voicings

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