Chord Melody Jazz guitar lesson – All the things you are – simple beginner

Hi, so for a while I have been thinking wether I want to become one of those things called “YouTuber” .. many pros and cons in my head … But sometimes it’s best to just do it … Just make that first step. And even if I won’t continue .. It really depends from so many things. I will still have this video up there . And it can stay there for a long time. Until I decide to take it down?

The lesson is something sort of basic yet maybe not so basic.. Depends what level guitarist you are.

All the things you are is one of the most known jazz standards, played in jam sessions around the world nearly every night… ( well, I used to be a host of jazz jam for 4 years weekly .. ). Experienced jazz musicians are fed up of this song .. But people like Pat Metheny and many others still plays it … And many jazz musicians like to return to this tune again and again . It’s also just a good tune to learn some basics, as it has few key changes , yet not so many , it uses basic 2-5-1 as well as going down in the chord progression similar as to circle of fifths . It has a basic jazz form AABA, however, not basic bar count, as the last A is 4 bars longer.

Jazz guitarists often like to learn melody’s in finger-style chord melody, it improves chord vocabulary and makes you learn the tune better and more memorisable. Chord melody is also a great way to get some gigs in restaurants as a solo guitarist if that’s your goal. All you would have to do is to learn repertoire of chord melody arrangements.

In this lesson I not only teach how to play tune All the things you are in chord melody jazz guitar but also steps of how to make your own arrangement.

I have been a guitar teacher for some time ( 18-19 years ) and I always feel like the best way to teach is to teach student how to learn, steps to get where he/she wants to be musically. As simply learning songs and specific arrangements only gives you that, but learning how to arrange yourself gives you knowledge how to make any song you like into chord melody arrangement. As well as improvise using chord melody lines. As jazz is really all about improvisation and vocabulary .

In this chord melody jazz guitar lesson I look at simple beginner jazz chords for this tune , I look at the melody and also how to to think to compose your own arrangement. In the video I only teach first 8 bars or First A section of this jazz guitar arrangement in chord melody style Of Jazz tune All the things you are. However you can purchase full arrangement of the tune Here . Its a PayPal link, after payment you would automatically have a link to download pdf that contains music notation , chords and tabs for a full chart of all the things you are jazz guitar chord melody arrangement. As well as guitar pro file. Guitar pro is great to play along, see guitar fingerings in the time of the tune, as well as slow it down or make it faster or only look 4 bars at the time .

Here is the video


And here is the link to PayPal pdf and guitar pro file .



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