Guitar Practice Ideas 2

Don’t know to call it jazz or not. Tritons is probably more jazz than anything. Some people obsess over that word ‘jazz’. and the meaning of it. Here, a few days late I’m sharing some practice ideas for jazz guitar I’d say. Including a little groove that was at first just harmonic exploration. After I added groove to it. Experiment with it… Tell me if you some thoughts or whatever. Tritone example – just chord tones for F dominant chord combined with B dominant ( tritone away – it means three tones) , for those musicians or guitarists who doesn’t know or understand the concept of tritone substitution it’s basically replacing any dominant chord with a dominant chord a tritone away. The reason why it works is – if you analyse all notes in the B7 you will notice that they do match with the notes of F7alt. B7 notes = B , D#, F# and A. So when looking from F7 perspective B is b5, D# or Eb is b7, F# or Gb is b9 and A is major third. I hope that makes sense for the humans who didn’t know this concept. A little bit of music theory here… for you jazz guitarists and other instrumentalists…

Regarding the groove example with harmony exploration. First part is variations of G7alt chord movement,

Groove for intermediate guitar harmony, jazz guitar lessons, altered chord exploration, alt chords , jazz harmony, latin groove
Groove for intermediate guitar harmony
jazz guitar practice triton substitution
jazz guitar practice triton substitution

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