autumn leaves jazz standards learning

Jazz Guitar Practice 8: Jazz lesson on how to approach learning jazz tunes and improvisation. 4 examples of A Section of Autumn Leaves for jazz guitar with tab and music notation.

wayne shorter died

RIP Wayne Shorter

jazz guitar practice triton substitution - free jazz music theory lessons

This jazz guitar practice practice ideas and tips post nr2 includes one little jazz line or lick for triton substitution. and Harmony exploration with groove added

lydian scale, scale patterns, jazz music, jazz guitar practice, modern jazz, jazz fusion, guitarist notes, practice ideas

Jazz practice ideas 1 - this includes lydian scale and melodic minor exercise ideas. Scale patterns for jazz guitarists as well as other instrumentalists ( sax, trumpet, piano, jazz voice etc.)

nora bite trio - modern jazz guitar led london jazz trio. for private events, festivals, jazz clubes

female jazz guitarist in London UK - Nora Bite

Nora Bite and her latest guitar inspirations and videos. 2 drummer and guitar project. Gig with Joey blake and more. London live music 2018 November 21

Musicians moving to another country or city and London music scene

In this blog post I will ask 5 or more questions to London musicians who were not born in London. The questions will be about their experience of moving to London as well as their tips for newcomers.  The musicians featured in this blog post are Italian guitarist Raul Gagliardi, Scottish drummer Caroline Scott, French bass [...]

why entrepreneur is similar to jazz musician - music business

Jazz musicians tend to dislike rich people ( entrepreneurs) or people who are driven by the power of money. I find similarities and differences between jazz musicians and entrepreneurs. I tell my story and point out some of the good examples in the entrepreneurs world.


Tips for those who wants to move to the new country. Even more for musicians. And my experience.