Jazz Guitar Practice Ideas 1

Hey guys. I haven’t published a post for a long time. But decided to start publishing some of my jazz guitar ( and modern jazz or call it fusion if you like ) practice ideas I come up. As I do that pretty much all the time. I do use some books and records and transcribing for inspiration as well. So may include some jazz licks from records in these series. Let’s see how this plan goes. Here is a guitar pro tab and music with couple of patterns for scale practicing, to work on stuff like guitar pick or finger technique and speed and of course you wanna use metronome with these. All the usual stuff we do on a daily basis in our guitar practice routines. ( I hope you do too.. 🙂 ) This can of course be used on other instruments – sax, trumpet, piano, voice… etc.

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Melodic minor patterns, scale practice pattern ideas for intermediate jazz guitarist. lydian scale too.

So, first 2, if simply played without a downbeat they just seem like 4 note ‘usual’ patterns… But when u put metronome they then become slightly more interesting. Although still fairly simple scale patterns.

I suggest to to also try these patterns in other keys and maybe be creative and come up with your own patterns. If you got inspired by this blog post in any way and end up creating your own jazz guitar practice ideas, do share them with me! And let me know.

( Disclaimer – The accidentals probably aren’t totally correctly written. But you get the idea of what I am trying to share here… This is just my notes … Practice notes… Open to interpretation more than anything.)

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That’s it I think…

Thanks for checking this out! Peace. See you around.