Jazz Guitar Practice Notes and Ideas 4

Hi there.. I am continuing with my guitar practice idea posts. This time I will include one line from John Coltrane tune Satellite improvisation. I do suggest you check and transcribe easier stuff if that’s where your level is, as this tune may be tough for those who have played jazz a few years or so. But learning lines does contribute to your language even if you don’t repeat them note by note in your own improvisations ( I know, I don’t. But it’s just my choice. I still dig hearing quotes from jazz giants in peoples improvisations. ) I posted a little longer clip of me playing part of that Coltrane transcription.

Here is a full clip of that track.

The first line for todays post is simply an idea i was pondering. Concept there was playing in a repeat pattern in 3/4 , this jazz line pattern is outlining some of the notes in Bb7b9, adding chromatic pathways. I hope that makes sense.. I think of a chord a a box I go in and out. Important to outline chord tones, but only chromatic pathways will give that jazz line sound.

Will share a link to that specific line from Coltrane via looptube. I already shared loop tube use in one of my previous posts.

Also – if you’d like to practice that particular line on repeat – here it is on loop tube.

Jazz guitar practice ideas john coltrane satellite
Jazz guitar practice ideas John Coltrane satellite and line 3/4 on repeat on 4/4

Here is me playing a little bit more of that Coltrane satellite improv. ( don’t be fooled of how young i look on there 😀 it’s all about light and angle 😀 .. I don’t use filters though… not my thing.. lights and angles is LOL .. man.. I don’t like instagram much anymore… ‘don’t get around much anymore’ … ) Sorry, I m getting off the subject as my mind runs..

It was posted in Dec 2021 when newest Covid variant was around… How was your lockdown btw?

I also would like to share some of the books that have inspired me in the past and present. I often times use books not so much as step by step guides but more as an inspiration for my own things to do and come up. Not always the best approach of course. And definitely not an approach for everyone. I do step by step things too. Just I have been playing for 25 years and I have looked at a lot of concepts over years, only to realise, all concepts are like various roads to get you to the destination – being able to improvise on the spot outlining harmony ( if we talk about jazz.. of course different styles have different destinations.) To me it’s also about organic fluency and melodic stuff. That’s a personal thing though. So don’t think this should be for everyone. There is more to it.. Good time, technique, good ears, rhythmical replacements, language, repertoire… and more… Frankly I always fell also – the more i know , the less i know…. I totally feel I am only at the beginning of my journey and not even f..ng close….. ( Especially when i hear 20 year younger than me – cats and kittens totally killing it…) .. well enough about me and my insecurities lol .. we all have them… don’t even deny it 🙂

Anyways. For whatever reason I chat too much on this particular post.

What I really wanted to say is I wanna recommend 2 books that have inspired me in the past and that I value a lot. One is Miles Okazaki book ‘The Fundamentals of Guitar’. Check his webpage out too. There’s some cool stuff there too.

And the other book is , well.. Actually it’s a series of books by Jerry Bergonzi. But I will recommend just one of those, the one I have been checking out over last few years. On and off. And more for inspiration, reading and ideas, rather than to 100% be fluent in his concept. But people who actually get to the thing of really using concept inside out – well – i bow to those musicians…

Here is the book.

( disclaimer – i get a tiny percentage if you purchase via these links. Thank you for your support)

And of course – Thanks folks for stopping by and checking this out. Let me know if this stuff is useful. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Keep practicing and digging into records. See you around.