Gig Update, Guitar videos – London Music 2018 November

The first video is my composing process. But not always I write things down. I need to finally get myself ( and my trio ) together and record that album. Got the material and everything. Need funds and inspiration. London is a tricky place to release music, because everyone is doing it and it sometimes seems like all these albums just pile up in musicians basements… I guess I am just not super optimistic about releasing. But there are a lot of pros and cons for it… Thought about it. A lot. I know, I know. I need to stop thinking and just do it.



My composing process… improvised

Because I am a bit lazy in writing things down I am more improviser. Or maybe it’s upside down? Because I am creative and more improviser guitarist I turned out to be lazy in writing thing down… The good guys manage to do both, so I need to as well.

New project – kick beats ahead

Anyway there is a project I am involved that does’n’t require to write things down. It’s called ”Kick beats ahead”. Basically I joined 2 drummers/percussionists to place harmonies, bass lines, melodies and guitar effects ( in fact it’s even more about guitar synth this time). This drummer projects turned to change me into guitar synth musician and a looper. That I was’n’t before I must admit. But it’s well fun. I also like african guitar influences. Look out for a gig in the near future for this project. We have very different tunes ( all notes – melodies and lines are mine, guys are coming up with grooves and a little bit of structure ideas.). I think they just wanted a background to groove on 🙂 that’s why they got me in. But it opened my eyes and ears to looping and midi sounds ( I used flute, double bass, rhodes and all kind of midi sounds.. I have 400 of them… or more… if changed some settings… ) > it’s well fun and it gives me a lot of freedom to be creative. And that is my best sort of place. As I never liked all the managing and band running aspects of being a leader. When here, I can compose, more groove based way than in my trio. But I can just be me – creative me.

Here are few instagram videos.

Guitar solo vibe



Idea in 5 and drums in 4



African guitar influenced looping – layers…


And more news about my musical journey.

I do all kind of gigs, both jazz standards, funk and soul with singers and various original stuff. As well as a bit of improvised music.

Joey Blakes gig next week 21st Nov 2018

One of the things I am quite excited about is playing with Joey Blake. He is a singer, who has been Berklee singing teacher as well as touring and recording with Bobby Mcferrin for 27 or more years.  A little video of his improv with Bobby.

We will do a gig next week with him. It’s London jazz festival week. He will be in town for few days touring with Mcferrin. And me, Laurie Lowe ( drums) and Jose Canha (bass) will accompany him in his solo gig at the venue Orleans in finsbury park.

joey blake USA - London gig 21st November 2018 - Joey blake, nora bite , laurie lowe, jose canha. London music scene.
joey blake USA – London gig 21st November 2018 – Joey blake, nora bite , laurie lowe, jose canha. London music scene.

Joey Blake facebook event 2018 November London