Files for these etudes and arrangement include guitar pro file, pdf and mp3 midi sound. If you have guitar pro you can then loop a particular bar and slow it down if needed. Etude 13 implements odd time signature 23/16 , and Etude 14 implements polyrhythm 3:5 and triad pair with wide spread voicings. These [...]

nora bite interview - dale harris

Interview with Nora Bite - jazz guitarist based in London , interviewer - Dale Harris.

jazz guitar lick 11 by Nora Bite, Guitar lessons , jazz licks, Get guitar lessons online

Hi. This lick includes 3 licks in itself. All licks can be played over C major 7 chord. I play around C69 chord, arpeggio , bebopy lick and chordy stuff. First bit - arpeggio that is C69 , where I skip few notes to make it sound a bit more different to my ears, then [...]

Ab7/Eb chord - guitar licks - jazz guitar chords- fingerstyle - pannonica thelonius monk

Jazz guitar licks - jazz guitar chords- fingerstyle - pannonica thelonius monk - Modern guitar lick

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jazz guitar lick 9 - nora bite - jazz guitar london - guitar lessons hackney

Jazz guitar licks 7 and 8. By Nora Bite. Jazz guitarist London. Jazz guitar lessons online. Guitar licks UK.

Jazz guitar licks - London jazz guitarist - Uk jazz guitar lessons - guitar lessons online - get guitar lessons online

why entrepreneur is similar to jazz musician - music business

Jazz musicians tend to dislike rich people ( entrepreneurs) or people who are driven by the power of money. I find similarities and differences between jazz musicians and entrepreneurs. I tell my story and point out some of the good examples in the entrepreneurs world.

Nora Bite


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